Racking System

Selective Pallet Racking System

This is the most commonly racking system used, for storing multiple locations and 100% selectivity. This system offers the most economical, efficient storing and retrieval of pallets. Furthermore different kind of accessories could be added & customized, based on customer various storage requirement.

The advantages of SELECTIVE Racking System :-

  • 100% Selectivity
  • Suitable for First-In First Out (FIFO) operation
  • High Visibility on stored goods
  • Multi product locations

Double Deep Racking System

Double Deep Pallet Racking is designed to store 2 pallets deep, which consist of two standard Selective Racks set up back to back. This system has to be used with double deep reach truck with deal pantograph or extension fork attachment.

The advantages of DOUBLE DEEP Racking System :-

  • Increase storage density and capacity up to 30% more than SELECTIVE System.
  • Suitable for Last-In First Out (LIFO) operation.
  • Convertible from SELECTIVE System.
  • Do not required a large number of homogeneous pallet type.

Although with increased storage capacity, but only 50% of pallets can be immediately accessible. Therefore Double Deep is only recommended for operations that require less critical picking and storing speed.

Multi-tier Racking System

Multi-Tier Racking System (MTR) is a mezzanine that is design and built via the pallet racking components. It can be the most efficient and economical method to create extra floor space within the building area compounds. Depending on the design and load requirements, its height can be maximize up until building’s ceiling height.

MTR is most suitable for storage of small to medium size items, which is meant for manual archive or retrieval methods.

Structural Steel Platform

Structural Steel Platform(SSP) is a mezzanine but it was built via long steel items, eg I-Beam, RSC Beam, Hallow Section and etc. Similarly as MTR, based on requirement, there are various type of Floor Decking Type & Accessories could added to the design of SSP.

The main 2 advantage of SSP is :

  • Have less columns beneath the platform.
  • Customizable to floor loading as high as 1000Kgs/m2.

Cantilever Racking System

For storage and retrieval of long items, it is best to use Cantilever Racking System. It is designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion; to be completely accessible from the front without any horizontal restrictions like the conventional pallet racking system.

A few example of products’ storage suit to use such system :-

  • Pipes, Steel rods, Tubes, Hollow sections.
  • Plywood, Plaster board.
  • Carpet or Fabric rolls.

Medium Duty: Longspan Racking System

Our Longspan Racking System with ergonomic profiles are designed for medium-duty warehouse applications yet in a not bulky appearance. With profile design & capabilities that proves to be stronger that Boltless System and almost similar as Pallet Racking System, the system can either be used as Storage Rack or Mezzanine System.

Our system is suitable for industrie/businesses that fall into following characteristic:

  • Hand-Loaded Storage
  • Medium-Duty Storage - For storing of products’ weight NOT MORE THAN 1,000kgs.
  • Storage & Display Equipment

Light Duty: Boltless Shelving System

For light-duty storage, range LESS THAN 400Kgs/Level, boltless shelving system would be the recommended system. Using bolt free connection, this shelving system are easy to install and versatile. It can be easily customize, mix & match as per customer required.

Type of shelve Decking:

  • Fiberboard Shelve
  • Multiple Steel Shelve
  • Perforated Steel Shelve with Divider