Security Door

Lion BD 90 Bankers Door

Step Safely Forward...

In an industry where you are entrusted with the responsibility of safe-keeping, our BD 90 Bankers Door will reinforce your confidence. Built with high degree of protection against attack from wide range of sophisticated tools, out BD 90 Bankers Door offers a string and solid line of resistance.

  • Main Door - Rectangular in shape, the overall thickness of the door is 150mm, comprising the lockcase and solid door slab. The protective thickness of the solid door slab is 90mm.
  • Protective Material - The solid door slab is filled with MegaMix 2 material - heavily reinforced agglomerate - resistant to hand and mechanical tools. explosives and blowtorch. In addition, a substantial layer of drill-resisting plate gives added protection to the lock and boltwork against point attack by drills and cutting tools.
  • Boltwork - 2-way moving horizontal boltwork, strengthened to resist any outward pressure exerted on it, secures the door when locked in position. In all, there are 12 chromed bolts, each 38mm in diameter, which engage behind the massive solid rebates formed in the chassis.
  • Locking - Secured by S&G Keylock and on 4-wheel combination lock.
  • Emergency Re-Locking - One "live" and two "dead" emergency re-locking devices are fitted which operate independently of the locks. Once the door is locked in the normal manner, the "live" re-locking device automatically blocks the moving boltwork with the Two "dead" re-lockers in support, should an attack be made on the door.

Lion SD 50 Security Door

Enter a New Realm...

In today's era of information, record keeping is of the utmost importance. Detailed information of transaction, dealings and other vital business information needs to be stored safely and securely.

Step into a new realm of safekeeping with our SD 50 Security Door. The SD 50 Security Door is not just simply any security door. It is a gateway to better, more efficient business.

  • Door - The overall thickness of the Type SD 50 is 135mm. The protective thickness of the Type SD 50 is 50mm. The door incorporate MegaMix 1 material, which is a reinforced burglar and fire resisting agglomerate. In addition, the locks are further protected by drill-resisting plate.
  • Boltwork - There are 12 chromed bolts in all, each 32mm in diameter of which 6 to the front edge are moving all bolts engage behind the rebated formed in the chassis.
  • Locking - Secured by S&G Keylock and on 3-wheel combination lock.
  • Re-locking - A live and dead re-locking device independent of the locks additionally secures the boltwork.
  • Chassis - The door is mounted onto a chassis by heavy-duty hinges allowing for vertical adjustment.