Mobile Filing Systems

How is you storing files in your company? Is it systematic enough? Has your storage capacity increased by 100%? Now you can Ensure Maximum Utilisation of Space and Store Your Documents More Systematically with our Mobile Filing System! By saving space and time, YOU SAVE MONEY as well.

Our Mobile Filing System can store files and a host of articles including flat files, box files, Arc Lever Files, books, stationery, documents within limited spaces. As you know, proper document management is essential for an organisation to run well. In fact, Quality System Certification bodies take systematic and efficient archiving into account when evaluating companies.

  • Find Your Files Faster - Don't waste time looking high and low for old and current files! A simple index system guides you to the file.
  • Secure Your Documents - Our Mobile Filing System can lock your confidential documents from prying hands and eyes.
  • Dust-proof Your Files - Special protective material seals up gaps to protect stored items from dust. This also helps to keep pests out.
  • Move it Easier - Each Mobile Unit rests on welded movable trolleys and mounted on steel ball-bearings.