Queue Management System (QMS)

Don’t make your customers wait

Excessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of dissatisfaction in banks, retail stores, hospitals and government institutions.

Our latest Queue Management System has incorporated enhancements in several areas, viz., system reliability, network security, system scalability, mobile technology, system installation and support. System status information and reporting features have also been improved.

The system features a powerful embedded Queue Processor that operates in a stable Linux OS environment. The system uses the Ethernet LAN as the standard communication media because of its network robustness and reliability. WiFi connectivity is supported by most of the models we have.

Key System Features:-

  • Web Based Solutions - System monitoring, reporting, maintenance and control can be performed remotely via web browser. No software installation is needed. Future software upgrade is easier as it only involves the main system controller.
  • Customer Feedback - QoS feedback is integrated. User can manage the rating questionnaires to be displayed on the customer feedback devices. Customers’ rating are captured and presented in real time.
  • Dashboard Views - Allow key performance indicator in queue service and QoS to be monitored easily and swiftly in real time. Each user can customize the dashboard view to his/her preferences and the system remembers the settings for each user.​
  • Report Designer - Besides the standard reports, user is empowered to design their own report by selecting the desired QMS metrics and groupings. The user is allowed to arrange the sequence of the fields in the report.

Interactive Customer Service System

Interactive Customer Service System (ICS) is a system that revolutionizes customer experience at service counters with Interactive Customer Terminals (ICT). The innovative ICT features advanced LCD multimedia panel with touch screen to inform, advertise, and measure customer satisfaction. In a competitive marketplace, effective advertisement and customer satisfaction measurement are two key elements of business strategy.

Key System Features:-

  • Customer Feedback
  • Reports
  • Touch Screen
  • Wireless
  • Advertisement

Multimedia Information Display

Multimedia Information Display (MID) is a system taking full advantage of large-sized LCDs, plasma display panels, computer hardware and software technology, together with the ubiquitous Internet. With the MID, outdated VCD/TV solution has been completely transformed. It enhances corporate image with the new display technology and improves quality of service and customer experience by providing up-to-date information from the Internet or corporate sources.


  • Ideal for digital posters, exchange & interest rates displays, retail advertisements, event displays, corporate communications, etc.
  • Supports Flash, Power Point, images, video files, IP streaming, HTML, RSS, etc.
  • Displays live AV stream from VCD/DVD player, TV broadcast, digital satellite receiver, camera, etc.
  • Landscape or potrait mode
  • Full screen or multi-window templates
  • Content update via network
  • Flexible content scheduling
  • Central control and management from headquarters
  • Integration with QMS as main display

Interactive Multimedia Display

Interactive Multimedia Displays use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. Our signage solutions are custom designed to meet your business objectives and goals. Wayfinding, advertising, concierge services and more, are all possibilities with our interactive touch screen displays.


  • Lobby reception
  • Lounge
  • Cafeteria
  • Bank
  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Corporate offices
  • Shopping mall / Retails
  • Exhibitions center
  • LRT / Commuter / Bus station