Access Control Systems

The purpose of Access Control Systems is to grant entrance to a building, office, floor level or area only to those who are authorized to be there. The deadbolt lock, along with its matching brass key, was the gold standard of access control for many years; however, modern businesses want more. Yes, they want to control who passes through their doors, but they also want a way to monitor and manage access. Keys have now passed the baton to computer-based electronic access control systems that provide quick, convenient access to authorized persons while denying access to unauthorized ones.

People new to Access Control Systems may think the system is made up only of the card and the card reader mounted on the wall next to the door. Our Access Control Systems are support Card, PIN, Fingerprint, Palm Vein, Facial or Combination. The Time Attendance will seamlessly integrate with our Access Control Systems as well.

We provide Access Control Solutions for:-

  • Corporate Office Door Access Control
  • Entrance Control
  • Turnstile Gate Solutions
  • Interlocking Control
  • Elevator Lift Access Level
  • Car Park Barrier with Long Range Reader
  • Security Inspection (Security Metal Detector Entrance)