Burglary & Fire Resistant Safe

Home & Commercial Safe

A utility Safe which is specially designed for protection of valuables and limited amounts of cash against fire and burglar attempts. It is ideal for homes, offices and retail shops. With its user-friendly locking-systems, our Safe offers maximum security and convenience, perfect for modern living.

Our Safe come with multiple sizes, medium or heavy duty, rotary combination only or double locking system (rotary combination and keylock).

Electronic Digital Safe

Electronic Digital Safe can keep your valuables behind a numerical lock to protect them from fire and burglar. These Safe work on the same principle as combination locks do, but make it easier to enter a code. Electronic Digital Safe come in all shapes and sizes, from large industrial safes to small portable safes.

Bankers Safe

Introducing our Bankers Safe for today's banker. Designed to give you everything you need from a safe and more.

Maximum security safes built to last, designed or minimum worries. Our Banker's Safe is specially designed with business in the high cash risk sector in mind. Business that require a high degree of protection against the wide range of sophisticated tools and a combination of various methods of burglary attacks.

Gun Safe

Our Gun Safe providing a secure and protective cabinet against unauthorised access to firearm and/ or ammunition.

Locking Mechanism are Combination Lock, or Digital Lock & Key Lock